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To be a successful purchaser of a property, you have to research as much information about Real Estate in your area as possible!


To assist in achieving your real estate goals, you can take the following steps:

1. Talk to the team at Harcourts Gawler Sales

2. Regularly read property pages & publications

3. Visit open homes

4. Research property on internet sites

5. Set your criteria

6. Research Financial Institutions to ascertain your lending level

7. Make an offer

8. Engage a Solicitor 

9. Obtain a building & pest inspection report



Setting your Criteria

Before you start your property hunt, write down all your 'must-haves'. For example, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, garages? etc.

Then write down your 'nice-to-haves'. For example, swimming pool, guest/rumpus room, etc.

This well help to ensure that the properties you decide to visit meet all, or at least most of your criteria.



Finding a Good Sales Consultant

There are literally hundreds of real estate consultants in SA! 

You need to select one that will work for you. A good consultant will listen to your requirements (the more information you can give them, the better), search for suitable properties & will organise all the steps involved in buying real estate.

From dealing with selling agents, negotiating, bidding at Auctions, arranging inspections, conveyancing, finance & removals - the Team at Harcourrts Gawler Sales will gladly assist you in finding a new property!



Research Fiance (Borrowing Money)

If you wish to buy a property in the immediate future, it's a good idea to organise and arrange provisional finance.

You will need to select a lender and obtain a loan approval. The loan approval means that you will be able to access a loan of an agreed value when it comes time to purchase that property for youself!

Once/if you're application is approved, the Financial Institution will give you formal approval in writing, stating that you have approval in principle, subject to a satisfactory valuation of your final choice. 



Look at Prospective Properties

Because you are likely to see many properties, it's a good idea to record your impressions of each house you visit. This will help you to compare houses easily and assist in your recollection of property features.

Make sure you record the property addess, date of visit, agents details and price range, as well as further property & location details. Harcourts Gawler Sales has many properties available and our friendly sales consultants will gladly show you them!

Our team will be able to work on your behalf, even if that property is marketed with another agency.



Making an Offer

Once you have decided to make an offer, it is important that you contact your sales consultant as soon as possible, to ensure your offer is presented to the seller before any others!

The sales consultant will explain the offer process to you and will add any addtional clauses if required. If any additional clauses are added, then your offer is referred to as a conditional offer. 

The sales consultant will then present the offer to the Vendor (seller) and if the Vendor agrees with the price and terms of the contract, they will then sign the offer.

If the Vendor is after a different price or settlement date, the sales consultant changes the contract to reflect this, and will re-present to you. This negotation process can have several altertions until both parties are happy and have signed the contract and initialed the changes/pages.

As soon as the offer is signed by both parties, it is dated and then officially a binding contract between you and the Vendor. 

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