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Ben's Market Updates

7th August 2015

So How Many Buyers Are Out There?

This is a question that, surprisingly, we don't actually get asked very often, even though it seems rather critical when putting your home on the market. 
But it is an easy question and quick to answer. At any time, there are between 400 and 450 active buyers searching for real estate in Gawler, Buchfelde, Evanston, Evanston Gardens, Evanston Park, Gawler East, Gawler South, Gawler West, Hewett, Hillier & Willaston. 

Currently, there are around 430 buyers searching in the 5118 and 5116 postcodes.

But What Are They Looking For?

This is where the questions start getting tricky, as many buyers search criteria begins to vary widely. But the easiest way to compartmentalize the buyers is to look at what price ranges they are typically searching for, and simplest way to do that is to draw a line in the sand and look closely at the groups searching "Below $400,000" and "Above $400,000". 
Based on our research, there are around 230 active buyers searching for property "Below $400,000", and nearly 240 buyers in the "Above $400,000" category. Obviously, some of these buyers are looking both below and above $400,000, so they will get counted twice, but interestingly they are split nearly right down the middle. 

So How Many Are "Ready to Buy"?

This third question is the hardest to answer, it requires a bit of "educated guessing" and insider knowledge of the industry. But according to the number of recent sales, buyer enquiry levels to agents and open inspection attendances. 
I'll spare you the boring maths and guessing, but according to our research, there are on average 25 "Ready to Buy" active buyers at any given time, with 21 buyers looking "Under $400,000" and 4 "Above $400,000".

So, Where's The Most Popular Area?

Easy, in the past 6 months, the top 3 suburbs have been (in order), Gawler East (31%), Willaston (26%) and Gawler South (22%). 

Ben Clarence
Harcourts Gawler Sales